Inseye Journey

Low cost upgrade for your VR set

Eye tracking extension for enhanced graphics in VR games and a life-like feeling in VRChat

Experience the best of VR

Welcome to the exciting Inseye Journey into the best possible visual experience in Virtual Reality!

Immerse yourself in a realistic virtual vision shaped by your own eye movements. Enjoy more visual comfort and less fatigue thanks to foveated rendering. Explore smooth and clear VR worlds with a higher frame rate. All of this is possible thanks to a low cost add-on, which upgrades your Meta Quest 2 into one of the most powerful VR headsets available on the market!

Natural interactions

in the VR social world for deeper immersion

Foveated rendering

for better graphics and lower hardware requirements

Easy to integrate and use

with full compatibility with Meta Quest 2

Best for

VR chat users, VR gaming, live streaming

The most affordable VR eye tracking system

Our eye tracking device is based on photosensors instead of cameras. It’s compact, lightweight, energy efficient, and wireless.

Because we rely on powerful software rather than hardware, Inseye Journey is much more affordable than other solutions. This is also a chance to enjoy VR on low-end equipment.

No compromise

High definition graphics for everyone

Until now, foveated rendering technology was only ever available on the most expensive VR sets which had wired eye tracking cameras. Not anymore! But how does foveation work, and why is it so great?

With foveated rendering, virtual worlds look the same way we see reality — with a depth of field. Sharp and clear in the focal point, with a surrounding blur. This means that hardware resources are not wasted processing high-resolution graphics at the periphery of your vision. They instead focus on delivering the best possible image quality right where you look! This saves power, reduces hardware requirements, and guarantees higher, more stable frame rates.

Make eye contact in VRChat

Inseye mirrors the expression of your eyes onto the avatar's face in real time, making it more natural. This allows other users to identify your attention, attitude, and emotional states. NPCs can also behave more authentically since they are aware of your gaze. With Inseye Journey, the whole VR world starts feeling more genuine. Your mere glance says more than a thousand words!

Boost your VR experiences!

VR chats

‍Express yourself and stand out with attention-drawing, realistic avatar eyes that can mimic the natural behavior of your eyes and transfer into the VR worlds.

VR gaming

‍Improve frame rate and image quality to enhance immersion and visual comfort. Run VR games even on average PC equipment!

Live streaming

‍Stream your content in 3D/360 (concerts, matches, games, etc.) with high quality and more immersive effects, thanks to foveated rendering.

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