Camera-free eye tracking for XR devices

Photosensor technology provides gaze dynamics data at 1000Hz for less than $5. 

Inseye for XR

Improve the visual experience and lower the processing requirements

Inseye delivers outstanding performance at the market’s lowest BOM by combining simple hardware with powerful software. Flexible, lightweight, industrial design allows hardware integration with new modern AR, VR, and MR devices. Additionally, developers can benefit from unique eye movement dynamics data.

We encourage companies and researchers exploring new applications of XR technology and eye-tracking to collaborate with us. Create new use cases using the world's only 1000Hz eye tracker available in the XR environment.

1000Hz resolution

High temporal resolution for collecting unique datasets describing human behaviour, attention, disease states and diagnosis

Headset shift robustness

Powerful software performs automated, continuous calibration invisible to the user while reducing the issue of headset slippage.

Gaze dynamics data

Use unique data describing eye movement dynamics to develop your idea. High temporal resolution allows precision in determining features such as fixation stability, number of microsaccades, saccade velocity, saccade latency etc.

Gaze Prediction

Using gaze dynamics data, Inseye can predict the position of eye movements at zero latency. This feature is a crucial factor for the development of foveated rendering.

Simple hardware & powerful software

low BOM

$5 BOM costs are crucial for eye-tracking adaption in mass markets. Inseye is built using widely available and cost-effective components.


Low latency and high sampling frequency allow the development of a new class of adaptive interfaces and predictive foveated rendering necessary for the highest UX level.


Replacing image processing (video-oculography) with signal processing (photosensor oculography) allows for significant savings in energy and computing power consumption, which is crucial for XR devices of tomorrow.


Light-weight, photosensor-based with simple assembly and low-power processing need.

Cameras, hot mirrors and CPU for image processing are not needed. 

Dedicated laboratory app

We provide dedicated software for data acquisition to support research and use case development.

With this app, ready-made or custom solutions can be used in dedicated experiments within VR environments. it's our mission to make eye movement research accessible and easy to do


Explore new possibilities for eye movement research

The eye as a biomarker is a concept increasingly explored by researchers. We offer the world's only XR environment equipped with a 1000Hz eye tracker. Conduct scientific research with a vision for potential product implementation and making a tangible impact on the world.
Our approach provides experts across various specialisations with the ability to perform eye movement analysis on a wide range of measurements, including:

Saccades and microsaccades:

  • Saccadic Main sequence
  • Duration
  • Amplitude
  • Latency (1 [ms] time accuracy)
  • Microsaccade spatial spread and rate
  • Heatmaps
  • Intersaccadic drift
  • Time Velocity Fixations Stability
  • Fixation area

UX and Cognitive Study




Basic specification

Tracking Frequency
up to 1kHz (adjustable)
2.105° +/- 0.926°
BOM cost
Max $1-5/unit

Dev kit includes:

Pico NEO 3 integrated with Inseye eye-tracking technology
Unity SDK
Lab app



early adopters program


VR dev kit + basic Unity SDK + Lab App available for purchase


XR features firmware & software dev kit update


AR dev kit available for purchase

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